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Julie Thorn - Thorn Consulting, LLC


Growing up as an extremely shy kid, no one in Julie’s inner circle, including herself,  would’ve ever guessed her career path would lead her to public speaking – her #1 fear for YEARS. After stumbling upon a job out of college that required her to attend a several-week training program, she thought the trainers jobs “looked fun” and eventually took a giant leap of faith and pursued the “fun job”….and got it.

Terrified each time she got on stage, she finally started believing that speaking in front of a ton of people WAS fun. Terrifying, yet fun. As a lifelong learner, she wanted to know WHY adults learn the way they do, and went back to school to earn her Masters in Adult Education, which helped her start to connect the dots and form a true passion for adult learning, instructional design and all things learning and development.


Julie has held corporate roles in instructional design, stand-up and virtual training, training management, learning analysis and measurement, and executive L&D roles for billion-dollar companies. She’s a highly sought after learning strategist who finds the most joy in helping others face their fears of public speaking, and LOVES digging into a giant mess of content and organizing it into an effective learning program that not only inspires, but also drives real results with measurable outcomes. She’s helped thousands develop the skills to grow thriving businesses and has had tremendous success helping people tap into some of the most challenging aspects of life and business – having the right mindset.


And still, the one thing that gets her heart pounding (in the best way) more than anything is getting on a stage in front of thousands and inspiring others to believe in themselves. She lives by the motto that the thing you fear the most, is what you’re destined to be doing. You can usually find Julie in the Pacific Northwest, drinking a cup of coffee or glass of champagne, with her husband and two children.


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